Eyelash Extensions in Santa Barbara

Looking for great eyelash extensions in Santa Barbara? Tina Davey is Santa Barbara's best lash extension aesthetician. Her experience in applying eyelash extentions along with her creative talents give her the edge over the competition in creating long thick eyelashes, allowing you to feel confident and glamorous no matter the time or location.

Santa Barbara eyelash extensions are applied one lash at a time. They are glued individually to your real eyelashes extending the lash length and thickness. Due to the extension being applied to the real eyelash, shedding occurs naturally. As your eyelashes grow out and shed, so the lash extensions do also.

Artificial eyelashes have never looked more natural. There is no need to wear mascara, your eyelashes will look lavish and long without makeup. Of course going out in Santa Barbara you can wear mascara to plump your lashes up further, however, it is important not to wear waterproof mascara as this weakens the glue the eyelash extensions are attached with.

Wearing mascara on your Santa Barbara extensions will make your eyelashes look even longer. But that is not the only way to create longer lashes. Lash extensions come in a variety of lengths which is where the creative talents of Tina comes in. She will determine the size, color and thickness of the lash extensions to best suite and enhance your eyes. Get ready to have some fun flirting those lash extensions in Santa Barbara.